Interim management

When my engineer husband asked me why he had no cash to pay his employees at the end of the month, despite 70% growth, I realised that I could help. I was pregnant and had some free time, so I rolled up my sleeves and joined the family company to help with Office Management. I spent 4 years, and whilst giving birth to 3 babies, I managed the Administration, creating a true recruiting team, organising the financial administration, accounting and sales, helping set administrative fluidity to the company. We grew from 20 employees to 150 and went on to sell the company for 4 times its future EBIT.

This was my first experience in office management. I have then helped organise and given advice to many small companies and businesses.

I have also made some wrong choices, leading to having to manage a bankruptcy, losing a lot of money and I learnt many lessons.

Today I can give consulting advice for start-ups from first stage growth to sustainable growth. I am an interim manager, coming in to help, especially in a crisis or a stressed company, to take those difficult decisions. It is sometimes easier not to be emotionally involved to avoid waiting too late to save the company. I can help create your business plan, cash flow and discuss how we can together turnaround your business to create success!

I am happy to help, call me and share your problems, there are ALWAYS solutions