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Helen ForlaniHelen Christine Gailey

is 47, married with 3 children, 3 step daughters, and is even a step grandmother ! Born from a Spanish mother and Irish father, married to a Frenchman  she considers herself an international multi-cultural personality. Helen is an energetic and positive character, who has become an entrepreneur who finds motivation in each daily challenge.

Lively Positive Energy

She worked passionately for 12 years in fragrances becoming Training and PR International Communication Manager, teaching training techniques and representing her brands in events around the world, but after her MBA in a large multinational company, she felt that her capacities were not given the right opportunities when she choose motherhood.  To balance the career as well as starting a family she joined the family company.

Managing small Companies

She has successfully helped to bring around several small companies, managing the organization, strategy and financial leverage to build value and growth. She has participated in LBO’s and sold a company to a large French Industrialist of the Paris Stock Exchange, helping to organise the merger within the group. She has also managed a painful bankrupcy.

Passionate about Fragrances

Helen remains loyal to her first passion of fine fragrances. She consults for Fragrance companies to help create passionate Trainings and events. She is collaborating with The Smell and Taste Lab to bring knowledge and know-how about fragrances to other domains including Art.


Open for a Board position

She is an active member of CWF (Career Woman’s Forum) participating in the promotion of WOMEN ON BOARD. She is part of the  Global Board Ready Women list, set up by the Eu Commissioner Viviane Reading and administered by the Executive FT Club. Founding ambassador to the Cercle Suisses des Administratrices , Helen is always available to join a board.

Loves to travel

Graduating from the Luxury Brand MBA at ESSEC (1997), Helen has travelled extensively throughout Europe, USA, South America and Asia, and is fluent in English, Spanish and French. VP for Events for the ASAGE (Association Suisse des Amis Grandes Ecoles). She also helps to organise the Golf tournament Open Asage.


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